Administrative Officer

Windhoek, Namibia

We are seeking a full-time Foundation Administrative Officer who will coordinate all administrative duties associated with their assigned client foundation's grant making and program activities, maintain the front office, and assist with a range of other administrative duties. Beyond these responsibilities, the Foundation Administrative Officer will have opportunities to learn more about the field of philanthropy and participate in various projects. At Pupkewitz, we focus on long-term positions, with on going learning and professional development opportunities. 

As focal point of administrative management services at the Pupkewitz Foundation office, the incumbent is accountable for delivery of efficient and cost effective administrative support services, providing guidance for operations of administrative support services and management of administrative staff. Ensures the office’s administrative operations and services follow the organization's administrative policy, procedures, rules and regulations.

Key Responsibilities

1. Administrative Support

  • Provide support to the team, including scheduling meetings, phone calls, travel arrangements, and event coordination.

  • General administrative duties including drafting communications, managing mailings, customer service, preparing reports, and maintaining appropriate filing systems.

  • Office management duties including ordering supplies, troubleshooting technology problems, and coordinating with outside vendors for services/repairs.

  • Providing support to the board of directors, including meeting scheduling and distribution of board materials.

  • Supporting program evaluation by entering and summarizing workshop feedback.

  • Special projects and other tasks as assigned.

Key functions/accountabilities:

1. Policy, procedures and strategies

  • As functional focal point, accountable for the correct and consistent application of policies and procedures in the assigned administrative functions through the provision of guidance and support to the Pupkewitz Foundation  where applicable.  
  • Contributes to strategic planning and monitoring of administrative matters at Pupkewitz Foundation's field office level as necessary.  Provides practical input on implementation of administrative guidelines, in close coordination with the head of office, operation staff and supervisor.  
  • Supports supervisor and the head of the office, and updates staff on administrative policies, procedures rules and regulation.  Implements the appropriate application and interpretation of administrative rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  Briefs and assists arriving and departing staff on basic administrative procedures and requirements. 
  • Makes specific recommendations on the improvement of systems and internal controls, planning, restructuring and resolution of sensitive issues, taking into account the prevailing conditions in the locality.
  • Keeps supervisor abreast of potential problem areas and identifies and recommends solutions.  Prepares reports on administrative matters as required.
  • Provides administrative support and services to sector offices and other sub offices under the Pupkewitz Foundation's field office , where applicable, including preparation and funding of service contracts, preparations of Purchase and service requisitions for all administrative supplies and services and provides guidance on administrative procedures to all staff in the office.  

2. Budget management

  • Monitors the budget in close coordination with supervisor to ensure that objectives stipulated early in the fiscal year are realized for smooth operations of the office and out postings where applicable. 
  • Recommends and prepares budgetary estimates on office premises, supplies and equipment requirements for budget preparation purposes.  Prepares, monitors and controls the administrative budget. 

3. Administrative support and services

  • Undertakes delivery and improvement in administrative support and office services including space management, transport services, vehicle use and maintenance, equipment, conference and travel arrangements, document reproduction, communications, mail and delivery services, local procurement and bill payments of utilities.
  • Ensures the timely and cost-effective provision of basic office services including space management, equipment, communications and security to enhance staff safety and productivity.  
  • Supports the Inter-Agency Operations Management Team's approaches for enhancing Pupkewitz Foundation common services to attain efficiencies and effectiveness. 
  • Helps negotiate and administer matters relating to office premises, utilities and services with vendors and agencies.  

4. Property management

  • Supports property management of administrative supplies, office equipment and vehicles, updating inventory of items, serving as ex-officio member to the Property Survey Board where applicable.  Assists supervisor in Property Survey Board submissions, preparing minutes of meetings.  Assists supervisor in executing PSB recommendations approved by the Head of Office. 
  • Monitors and supervises adequate and appropriate use of supplies.  Ensures that services and maintenance of premises are in accordance with organizational standards. 

5. Contract arrangement and control

  • Ensures that all administrative transactions and arrangements of contracts are in compliance with the applicable policies, procedures, rules and regulations. 
  • Participates in the reviews of the contractual arrangements related to administrative support (i.e. courier, premises maintenance, ancillary administrative support, vehicle maintenance, equipment maintenance etc.) to ensure that the terms and conditions of all contracts are being adhered to by providers of services.  Proposes to supervisor any changes that may be required.
  • Monitors payments against contractual obligations.

6. Staff learning and development

  • Collaborates on the development of training activities to ensure effective performance in administrative services management.  Implements effective staff learning and development programme activities for capacity building.  Helps organize workshops for staff’s competency building, and staff learning and development. 

7. Partnership, coordination and collaboration

  • As required, under direction of the supervisor, collaborates with other agencies, local authorities and implementing partners on administrative matters including information exchange and harmonization. 

8. Performs any other duties and responsibilities assigned as required.

Contribute to a strong organization:

  • Contribute to the visibility of the organization by representing Pupkewitz Foundation at events.

  • Bring ideas from events, meetings, etc. back to the organization to contribute to our on-going effort to understand and support nonprofits in Namibia.

Skills and Requirements

  • 5 years work experience with preference given to those with nonprofit experience.

  • Commitment to our mission and belief in the value of nonprofits as drivers of social justice, benefits, and change.

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills with a problem solving attitude
  • Outstanding verbal/written communication skills.

  • Proficiency in Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) is required. Experience with membership databases.

  • Proficiency in Salesforce and/or similar donor management system required.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, projects, and priorities effectively and professionally.

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required.