New admin building aims to improve training center at Onandjokwe Hospital


The Onandjokwe State Hospital in Oniipa, Oshikoto Region, has received N$2.6 Million from the Pupkewitz Foundation for the construction of office spaces that will provide administrative processes, and the storage of data stastistics as part of the hospital’s training center.

The Onandjokwe hospital has been providing much needed training services to the nursing and medical students from local and international communities for 88+ years. As a high functioning hospital that not only prides itself in seeing patients and catering to the medical needs, the Onandjokwe State Hospital also serves as an accredited HPCNA training institute. Each year the hospital train about 40 nursing students, about 60 medical students, and 31 medical interns. The hospital has also been accredited by international colleges to train specialists in surgery.

 “With this said, unfortunately, we do not have offices where heads of departments and their deputies can perform administrative tasks that are crucial to student and intern assessments as well as collecting and storing data related to department statistics for overall quality improvement,” Dr Munyika said. “We would highly benefit from office space that accommodates the heads of the departments which totals 8 offices. Our statistics and administrative professionalism are of utmost important in order to carry out individual departmental improvements and better service for our training health professionals and the community at large.”

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Pupkewitz Foundation January 17, 2022
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