Word from the CEO

We Are A Movement

We are a movement to create possibilities and to make a lasting difference in as many people’s lives as possible. We want money to do things that has never been done before. We stake reputation and millions annually in an effort to prove certain ideas are a viable method of encouraging economic growth and social progress. We recognise that ambitious endeavours require room to flourish and that funding breathes life into projects – some big, some small. 

We are a movement. Together with our connections, we can maximise impact. We will continue to participate in and invite partnerships who share each other’s values, so that we can develop more impactful, sustainable and scalable project.

We are a movement. By connecting people, we create possibilities. We see connecting people as bringing people together to maximise impact.

We are a movement. We will continue to find ways for civilian involvement. We believe locals wishing to help locals is a desire in itself, and we will create platforms for civilians to express their care. We have a model over more than two years on the impact of PUPKEWITZ employee volunteers on our Ethel Pupkewitz Feeding Scheme, whose 150 minutes once a week are central to the successes and implementation of this project. This concept of civilians caring, underwritten by the UN, can assist thousands.

We are a movement. We reflect deeply on how we may use networks, our strengths, and existing resources, to implement and to find a path with our can-do approach. We will use technology so the contributions of our fellow Namibians into funds of their choice may be channelled. We are a movement. We want our customers to share in the knowledge that every purchase goes towards funding almost 90 project making a difference. It takes 1 second to decide to care. Let’s adopt a can-do-approach.

M  BARRY • CEO of Pupkewitz Foundation