Wen the Foundation makes a grant it is because we are genuinely interested in your organization and so we like to hear how things are going. While it is good to hear about what has gone well, it is equally as important that you tell us about things that have not worked out or if plans have changed as we can learn from these experiences.  

By accepting the Foundation’s grant, you agree to provide us with an end of grant report which should be submitted at the end of your project.  If you are in receipt of a multi-year grant, please provide an update report every 12 months until the end of your grant period. Not providing a report may affect future applications you make to us.

If your grant was unrestricted, please provide an activity report on what your organisation has been doing, making specific reference to any success measures or impact measurements that you referred to in your original application.  We ask you to include the following:

  • What changes has your organisation seen in the past year – for example, what has our grant enabled in terms of the work you do, the number of beneficiaries you reach, financial position of your organisation etc?  In short, what impact has the grant had and what are the key differences you organisation has seen in the past 12 months?
  • Have you achieved what you set out to do?  If so, please provide examples of how you have measured this.  If not, please explain why and what your organisation has learnt as a result.  What would you do differently another time?
  • What are your priorities for the future?

If your grant was for a Capital project or specific activity, your report should include an analysis of the project.

Please do not include in your report any requests to roll over an underspent, or requests to extend your grant period or requests for further funding, If you wish to apply again then this must be a separate request and at least a month after we have received your final report on a previous grant.