How We Work


Strategic Grant Making

We believe as a nonprofit organization, building healthy communities and contributing to economic stability and mobility plays vital role. The Pupkewitz Foundation awards more than N$ 8 million each year that support organizational capacity building, new program or model development, existing program refinement or expansion, capital, network creation, and research and evaluation.

Our Strategy is deliberate partnerships with Government and reputable non-profit organizations whose development goals are aimed at viable, innovative and sustainable solutions to national priorities. Our projects address social and economic disparities, and government’s development priorities, as expressed in the NDP5 Document.

Strategic Solutions

The Pupkewitz Foundation aligns its corporate social investment goals to Namibia’s National Development Plans, which are embodied in Vision 2030, the New Equitable Empowerment Framework (NEEEF) and sustainable practices within the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations. Furthermore, the ethos and work of the Pupkewitz Foundation is clearly aligned to Article 95 contained in Namibia’s Constitution, namely “the Promotion of Welfare of the people.”

How We Invest

A new way of working collaboratively has evolved supported by multiple stakeholders. The Pupkewitz Foundation attends numerous initiatives by invitation, as the known prominent private sector supporter of initiatives in our country, promoting the welfare of our people in Namibia, and our Continent.

Our approach to funding is built on research and to work  with organizations that have the right combination of deep experience and bold thinking in our funding focus areas. These partnerships with committed problem-solvers are designed to grow and scale their work to create greater opportunities for children and families. 

We welcome proposals and inquiries from the community, actively seek opportunities for funding partnerships and rely on our expert staff to research and recommend grants that offer creative and measurable solutions to community challenges. The strategy process involved here has been a process of selection, whilst keeping meaningful institutions and NGO’s afloat and confident enough in our funding to be able to do their own long term planning.