Pupkewitz Foundation Donating Building at Onandjokwe Hospital


Health Minister Inaugurates Heads Of Department Offices at Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Honourable Dr Kalumbi Shangula  inaugurated the Heads of Department offices at the Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital on Thursday, 24th of November 2022. The offices were donated by the Pupkewitz Foundation to the value of N$ 2.7 Million.

Linked to the main hospital, the HoDs will ensure improved administrative professionalism and data storage on departmental statistics to better serve and train health professionals, and the wider community. The hospital is one of the oldest in the country and caters to thousands of patients in the northern regions.

According to Meryl Barry, CEO of the Pupkewitz Foundation, the office blocks will complement the work done by health workers at the hospital: "This is the only hospital in the country with such a building where health professionalism could be enjoyed by the community," said Barry.

The building was constructed within six months and consists of eight offices, a boardroom, ablution facilities, as well as a tea room. Honourable Shangula, who once worked at the hospital as a young doctor, said that various efforts have been made to keep the busy hospital running, adding that access to health services is crucial. "The acquisition of modern medical equipment is crucial. It is therefore commendable for the Onandjokwe Intermediate Hospital to engage with the Pupkewitz Foundation" he noted.

The minister urged the staff of the hospital to jealously guard the hospital and take good care of it.

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Pupkewitz Foundation November 27, 2022
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