Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Grants Awarded

We support artists, schools of the arts, curators, conservators, scholars, and organizations in the arts. Our program works with artists as individuals, and  organizations, to ensure equitable access to excellent arts and cultural experiences. Artists provide various value creating contributions to the cultural development of society, and every artist plays a different and necessary part in contributing to the overall health, development, and well-being of our society.

San Heritage San-dal

Implementation of a low carbon sandal making facility.

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'Offerings' - A Visual Arts Mentorship Programme

StartArt Gallery, in collaboration with the Namibian Arts Association.

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Omba Arts Trust

To Support the sustainable livelihood of marginalized San communities through the development, sales and marketing of Namibian craft.

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COTA Youth Choir

The COTA Youth Choir, being composed of learners from various secondary schools in Windhoek, is regarded as being truly representative of the wide cultural diversity in Namibia

Swakopmunder Musikwoche

The Swakopmunder Musikwoche is one of a kind. It stands out from any other similar events due to its integration of young and old, beginner and professional, and for being inclusive of those from diverse cultural backgrounds.